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Why Can't EID Tell the Truth?  And, Why Won't EID Cut Spending?

October 7, 2011

Note the following excerpt from EID's September 27th Press Release:
"Although the 2012 CIP plan is $2.6 million more than 2011, the increase in the 2012 budget is due to projects being rolled over from 2011 that need to be completed for system safety and reliability purposes"
Click Here for the full Press Release.

The truth is that the 2012 CIP includes $2.8 million of brand new IT projects... projects not in any previous CIP plan. As pointed out to the EID Board on September 26, these new IT projects are the real reason the CIP increases $2 million from 2011.

Time and time again you just can't trust what you read in an EID Press Release.  Increased spending and duplicity... EID's ongoing biggest sins.

While governments everywhere are cutting back, EID continues with its foot on the spending accelerator... $2 million increased CIP and $1.2 million increased operating expenses, following a $3 million increase this year.  Why doesn't the EID Board get in step and tell Management they need to reduce spending?.

El Dorado County has cut spending substantially.  Our State has cut spending substantially.  Click Here to see a September 27th article that says more than half of cities nationally are cutting back.

So, why does EID refuse to cut back spending?  Why isn't EID's Board fulfilling its financial fiduciary responsibilities to ratepayers?

Why does EID instead plan a 28% water rate increase for 2012 and 11% more for 2013?