The rest of the story...

EID's $20+ Million "savings"... the numbers just don't add up!!!

June 19, 2011

EID's $20+Million "savings"... the numbers just don't add up!!!

Click Here to see EID's "just out" story about "What has the district done to hold down expenses?"  Note that when you read the article that EID has claimed more than $20Million annual savings.

But, here is FixEID's
"The rest of the story..."

From 2003 through 2009 , under the current Board:

Caution! The years run opposite directions in these EID charts... Chart 3, 2009-2001... Chart 4, 2001-2009...

expenses 2001-09

non-op exp 2001-09

Just like numerous ad hoc, unaudited "analyses" that EID's GM gave the Cost of Services panel, the numbers in EID's June 10, 2011 "Meeting Our Commitments" publicity release simply does not reconcile to above audited facts.

Why can't we trust our EID Management to tell us the truth???