The rest of the story...

What a difference a day makes...

June 15, 2011

What a difference a day makes... 5% or 32%... or 64%???

Here is what EID's GM told the SacBee for publication (Click Here to read it) to the greater Public on Sunday, June 12, 2011:

"General Manager Jim Abercrombie wants to focus on next year and on the residential customer. That way, it looks like sewer rates may not rise and water rates could go up 5 percent."

Yet, on Monday, back within the relative privacy of the EID Board room, here is what he presented to the EID Board, a dozen EID employees, eight citizen "friendlies", mostly from the Agriculture community, and three citizen dissidents:

reg water rates

So what is
"The rest of the story..."? What does this chart actually reveal?

From the GM's published claims of just a 5% residential water increase on Sunday, the rate increase leaps to a whopping 32% on Monday. That's just the beginning. On other pages buried in his 137 page Cost of Services presentation we find another 11% increase following in 2013, and yet another 11% increase in 2014. (Click Here for full report PDF)

Well, Monday June 13th certainly was an unlucky day for EID residential Water rate payers when 5% magically became 32%... and then blossomed to a whopping 64% cumulative increase in 2014!

Why can't we trust what we read in the papers from EID?