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EID annual Sewer Bills are double those of Folsom and Sacramento!!

February 11, 2012

And, about those EID sewer rates…don’t let EID fool you!

In dollar terms, EID residential sewer bills have been growing 83% faster than EID residential water bills... sewer bills disproportionately have increased to pay for EID's high overhead and debt costs. In 2010 and 2011, EID raised sewer rates for middle usage customers an average of $204 to a total of $777 annually, as compared to EID’s $111 average increase for “Medium” usage residential water rates.

Counting property tax subsidies, EID annual sewer rates average $954 annually, or DOUBLE the $480 average annual sewer rates of Folsom and Sacramento. (Click Here)

In its 2011 sewer rates, EID continues to substantially overcharge sewer customers for Mosquito Road’s huge overhead* (up $10 million/143% since 2002) and for debt costs* (up 300% since 2002). EID further did not adjust rates for a 3% DECREASE in 2011 Sewer Operations costs… instead raising 2011 sewer rates 15% to subsidize a 34% surge in 2011 Water Operations costs. (Click Here).

Sewer customers in 2011 were substantially overcharged their “fair and equitable” costs. EID’s entire 15% 2011 sewer rate increase was not cost-justified... and those excess rate collections should be refunded to sewer customers.

To pay back this 15% overcharge, and to preclude overcharging sewer customers in 2013-2015, EID should rescind the 5% annual sewer rate increases it has proposed for 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Voice your position on whether EID’s sewer rates are “fair and equitable”, and whether EID’s Management and Board are controlling its spending in a fiscally responsible manner. Attend EID’s March 26th Rate Hearing at Cameron Park CSD (Click Here).

If you do NOT believe the proposed sewer rates are “fair and equitable”, tell your EID Directors to:

a) vote “NO” on EID’s 2013-2015 sewer rate increases, and
b) direct Management to implement at least $3.5 million (7.5%) of spending cuts to EID’s $46 million (gross) Operating Budget.

Note: In Folsom, Sacramento and South Tahoe, metered residential water bills average 8% LOWER than sewer bills. But at EID, average sewer bills are 59% HIGHER than average water bills… mostly due to faulty overhead and debt cost assignments which comprise 68% of EID’s costs. Less than one-third of EID’s higher costs are due to tertiary treatment requirements. Even without any sewer rate increases for 2013, 2014 and 2015, EID average residential sewer bills in 2015 still would be 8% higher than EID average residential water bills.