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Deja vu all over again!!

February 3, 2012

Why can't EID be forthright with its ratepayers???

With absolutely no fanfare whatsoever, EID's first rate hike for 2012 was put into effect on January 1, 2012: 1/1/2012 Rates 

Those who already have received their first EID bill of 2012 have been greeted with the following "news flash" inconspicuously noted in a footnote at the bottom: "New rates in effect as of January 1, 2012: Our billing system does not allow us to show your prorated calculations on the bill. But the total due is correct."

So why didn't EID's "newsletter" The Waterfront, for January-February (Click here to read it) announce this rate hike? Is a 5% rate hike so trivial that it merits no notice? 

And where was the rate hike news announced in an EID news release or on EID's web home page? It wasn't!  

Is it not reasonable to expect EID to be be "above board" and make sure you know your rates for 2012 already changed? Do you feel they pulled a "fast one" by not using their lavish three person publicity machine to remind you that two years ago the Board approved a 2012 rate increase of 5% for 2012?

With all the self-congratulatory, half-truth hype that inundates EID's webpage, it's bi-monthly "newsletter", and its "Meeting Our Commitments" PR puff pieces, isn't there any room left to say "Oh, by the way, send us some more money"?

More bad rate news is coming. A second round of rate increases for 2012 are planned to be effective in April. That second 2012 rate increase is covered under a Proposition 218 notice about to hit your mailbox and will require a public hearing. Check here for dates At that meeting, you may want to let your voice be heard.

The public hearing is the rate payers' chance to be heard… to tell EID's Management and Board to stop all its self-congratulatory back slapping, truly do some "heavy lifting" and get serious about spending cuts, and... most of all... that it's time the "I" in EID starts to mean "Integrity"!!