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FixEID 2012 Firecracker Quiz

  1. What is the compound water rate increase approved by EID’s Board for 2010-2015?
    Ans: Water rates are increasing 102%.

  2. How much will the average annual EID residential water and sewer bill be in 2013?
    Ans: $1532 plus $323 of property tax subsidies (based on .60 acre feet annual water usage and 1800cf sewer consumption, including $30 of surcharges).

  3. Adding property tax subsidies, how do EID sewer bills compare to Folsom and Sacramento?
    Ans: Adding property tax subsidies, EID sewer bills are double those of Folsom and Sacramento.

  4. Who failed to be forthright that the February 2012 Prop 218 Notice really covered four years and 49% of water rate increases?
    Ans: EID General Manager Jim Abercrombie.

  5. How many million dollars of debt repayment is EID deferring for 2013-2016 rather than making real spending cuts?
    Ans: $4 million annually (i.e., $16 million of “kicking the can down the road” on promised debt repayments instead of making real spending cuts).

  6. What percent of rates goes just to pay for employee benefits?
    Ans: 30% of rates go to pay for employee benefits (including per employee $18,500 medical plans, $12,800 pension contributions, and up to 50 days paid time off annually).

  7. How much have unfunded costs for employee pensions and retiree medical costs increased under the 2003-2011 Board?
    Ans: $53 million of unfunded retiree benefits (which, to pay for, will require a further 12% future rate increase unless EID ratepayers join San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento and Wisconsin to reduce pensions and benefits closer to those paid by Corporate America).

  8. Contrary to General Manager Jim Abercrombie's claims of decreased spending, how much are budgeted 2012 gross operating costs really changing since 2010?
    Ans: Gross operating expenses for 2012 are budgeted to INCREASE $4.8 million over 2010.

  9. How much do EID employees pay of their $18,500 annual medical premiums?
    Ans: Zero percent is paid by employees. (In 2013, employees will start paying 10% of just the dependent premium portion.)

  10. At what age can EID’s mainly administrative employees retire with full pensions? 
    Ans: At age 55.

  11. How many EID employees make more than $100,000 of salary plus $40,000 of benefits annually?
    Ans: 40 of EID’s 220 employees.

  12. How many public relations, human relations, information technology, lawyers and engineering overhead staff does EID have?
    Ans: 3 PR employees, 5 HR employees, 11 IT employees, 2 lawyers and 20 engineering staff.

  13. How many millions of dollars could EID save and how much could rates be reduced if EID were to a) reduce paid time off by eight days, b) eliminate ten excess overhead positions, and c) reduce pensions to reasonable levels?
    Ans: $5 million annually... 11% 

  14. How much is EID’s annual deficit spending?
    Ans: $15 million

  15. How much is EID’s debt and how much has it increased since December 1, 2003?
    Ans: EID's $390 million of debt has increased $280 million since December 1, 2003 (with $60 million more debt planned in 2013).

  16. What percent of rates goes just to pay for interest and debt service costs?
    Ans: 35% of rates go for interest and debt service.

  17. How do EID Agriculture rates compare to what residential water customers pay?
    Ans: More than 300 of 400 Agriculture customers received rate DECREASES exceeding 15% in April 2012… to rates just one-seventeenth of what residential customers pay.

  18. Which two EID Directors met secretly with City of Placerville officials to pre-negotiate water rates just one-fourth of those paid by EID residential ratepayers?
    Ans: Bill George and George Osborne (who represent Placerville and Apple Hill, respectively).

  19. Which EID Director seats are up for reelection in November 2013?
    Ans: George Wheeldon and John Fraser (Wheeldon represents Serrano, Bass Lake, and southern Cameron Park;
    Fraser represents northern Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, and south of Highway 50 from El Dorado Hills Town Center to  Outingdale)

  20. How much more will EID water and sewer bills increase in 2014-2015?
    Ans: $198 (Unless ratepayers elect two new fiscally responsible Board Directors in November 2013 to reduce excessive spending and unfair rate inequities which, in turn, would enable rolling back 2014 and 2015 rate increases.)