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FixEID Firecracker Quiz

  1. How much are EID residential Water rates planned to increase in 2012?
    Ans: 32% - Click here for details

  2. Which EID residential rates were illegally increased more than $100 annually on January 1, 2011?
    Ans: Sewer rates - Click here for details

  3. Who is our EID "Daddy" Warbucks?
    Ans: NGOFW - Click here for details

  4. How much money does our EID "Daddy" Warbucks think they have?
    Ans: Ten zillion dollars - Click here for details

  5. How much has EID debt increased while "Daddy" has been responsible for fiscal oversight of EID?
    Ans: $280 million - Click here for details

  6. Who are the top three beneficiaries of "Daddy's" largesse/"crazy, reckless spending"?
    Ans: Developers, Contractors, Bond Salesmen - Click here for details

  7. How much deficit spending does "Daddy" plan for 2012?
    Ans: $20 million - Click here for details

  8. How much will Water rates increase due to the $60 million added debt that "Daddy" is planning to raise in 2012?
    Ans: 64% by 2015 - Click here for details

  9. Who is a) EID's "Darrell" and  b) what is EID "Darrell's" favorite book?
    Ans: a) GMJA b) How to Lie With Statistics - Click here for details (check the Chapter 9 & 10 summaries)

  10. How much is the "All-in" annual cost of an EID bill to West County residents?
    Ans: $1815 - Click here for details

  11. How much does an EID agriculture ratepayer pay per acre foot of Water compared to an EID residential ratepayer?
    Ans: Just 5%... - Click here for details

  12. In respect to EID's Cost of Services study, who said "Garbage in-garbage-out?...and also, "I do what Jim tells me to do"?
    Ans: GC - Click here for details

  13. Which California statute does EID's Cost of Services study violate in more than a dozen ways?
    Ans: California Constitution Article 13D (aka Proposition 218) -
    Click here for details

  14. How many of ten Cost of Services panel members:
    a) were members of the Agriculture community,
    b) had heavy Developer connections,
    c) organizationally report to EID's "Darrell", and
    d) voted for approval of the illegal "results" of the Cost of Services study?
    Ans: 2, 2, 4 & 9 - Click here for details

  15. What costs EID Sewer customers more... tertiary treatment or excess capacity for future customers?
    Ans: Excess capacity - Click here for details

  16. How many Paid Time Off days off do EID's Managers receive annually?
    Ans: Up to 50 days - Click here for details

  17. How much would rates decrease if EID "platinum" employee benefits annual cost of $38,800 per employee were reduced to El Dorado County employee levels?
    Ans: $1.3 million annually, or 3.3% - Click here for details

  18. How many insured vehicles does EID have as compared to 115 Field employees?
    Ans: 175 - Click here for details

  19. How much has "Daddy" invested in excess Water rights development and excess Sewer treatment capacity, and how much does this cost EID ratepayers annually?
    Ans: $137 million at $8 million interest cost annually - Click here for details

  20. When do "Daddy" and "Darrell" plan to tell EID ratepayers about the huge 32% Water rate increase for 2012?
    Ans: After the November 8th elections - when three EID Directors (NOG) are up for reelection...

November 8th is Election Day
Three EID Directorships
are up for election.