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2010 Cost of Service Study Public Panel Members

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Brief Biographies of EID’s 2010 Cost-of-Services Study Advisory Panel

Community-Based Members

Kim Beal, Cameron Park. Kim, a resident of El Dorado County since 1966, is Government Affairs Director for the Realtors Association in El Dorado County. She holds a BS in business and has worked in real estate for 32 years. Kim is President of the Governing Board for the El Dorado Business Alliance and a member of the Board of Directors for Marshall Medical. She earlier served as a member of EID’s Facility Capacity Charges Advisory Committee.

Albert Hazbun, El Dorado Hills. Albert’s long career includes more than 50 years of experience in managing the design and construction of heavy industrial and civil infrastructure projects on five continents. He introduced recycled water to the Serrano Project in El Dorado Hills and has served on several EID advisory committees related to water, wastewater, and recycled water. Albert is a graduate (engineering) of the American University in Beirut. He has lived in El Dorado County since 1987.

Tom Heflin, Camino. Tom, a life-time resident of El Dorado County, holds a PhD in Finance and Business Economics and is Professor Emeritus at Sacramento State University. He previously served on the county’s Agricultural and Economic Development commissions and on state committees related to insurance rate-setting. Tom is currently the Supervisor District III representative on the county Planning Commission and runs a small business with his wife in Camino.

Doug Leisz, Placerville. A professional forester and UC Berkeley graduate, Doug rose to the rank of Associate Chief during his 32-year career with the U.S. Forest Service. He then formed a consulting business until 2008. He is Vice President of the county Agricultural Water Quality Management Corporation and is active in water issues such as the county’s small hydro study and EID’s Irrigation Management Services program. Doug manages a wine vineyard and tree farm that he established 26 years ago.

Greg Prada, Cameron Park. Greg formerly led financial turnarounds for two specialty health services companies, where he was the Chief Operating Officer, and a manufacturing division, where he was the Chief Financial Officer. He also led the initial public offering for a health services company with three business segments, where he was the Chief Executive Officer. Greg holds a BA in business from the University of Washington. He moved to El Dorado County from the Bay area in 2006.