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EID Capacity Planning - Grade F

EXCESS SEWER/WASTEWATER TREATMENT CAPACITY VALUED AT $83 MILLION: EID has unused Sewer/Wastewater treatment capacity for 10,400 new Sewer customers, or enough for a 50% new customer increase from EID’s current 20,600 Sewer customers.

In June 2000, EID projected growth to 21,000 Sewer customers in 2010. (Click here for Chart). So how does EID’s Board account for approving Sewer capacity expansion that so prematurely would support growth to 31,000 Sewer customers? Why are current customers saddled with $5.0 million annually of extra interest costs (i.e. $241 annually of extra rates per Sewer customer) to finance this grossly premature extra capacity?

EXCESS WATER CAPACITY: EID’s “System Firm Yield” Water capacity is 63,500 Acre-Feet annually, but in process of being expanded to 71,200 Acre-Feet.

Compared to EID’s projected Water deliveries for 2014-2015 that average 40,000 Acre-Feet, EID is projecting a 78% SURPLUS in available Water at mid-decade. This is equivalent to more than 30,000 new Water customers, or enough for population growth of more than 75,000 new residents.

So, why is EID continuing to make multi-$ million investments for additional Water in 2011 for potential needs that, if actualized, are more than a generation into the future?  Why are current Water customers already saddled with $3.0 million of annual interest costs for existing excess Water capacity, yet the Board continues to approve additional $ millions investment for uncertain long-term future needs?

WHY ARE DEVELOPER “WANTS” MORE IMPORTANT THAN EID RATEPAYERS? With all the above excess capacity, that is so costly to current ratepayers, it is fiscally reckless for EID’s Board to approve further investments in capacity expansion.  It is time for EID ratepayers to say “enough already” and demand a moratorium on new capacity expansion investments.  Such a moratorium should extend until at least 2015.