The rest of the story...

About FixEID

FixEID was formed by EID ratepayers highly concerned about

FixEID principals have spent more than 1500 hours:

  • studying and analyzing ten years of EID financial reports and Board records

  • reviewing EID Bond issuance and Capital Improvement Plan documents

  • attending EID Board meetings, workshops and public meetings

  • meeting and communicating extensively with EID Directors and Management

  • participating in EID’s Cost of Services study

  • attending tours of EID facilities

  • reviewing applicable laws including Proposition 218, Election Code 22000, the Brown Act, Bagley-Keene, and pertinent legal cases

  • meeting with citizen groups and individuals regarding EID shortcomings in providing cost-efficient and fair treatment of ALL EID ratepayers

  • meeting with legislative leaders, legislative advocates, and members of the media.

FixEID shares with you and other EID ratepayers the integrated knowledge we have learned from all the above activities… regarding the true facts, financial performance and political agenda of EID…

information often not provided by EID in its Board meetings, its Press Releases , its website, in the media, or otherwise.

FixEID provides what Paul Harvey used to call “The rest of the story...”

Everything you read in Fixed EID is the FULL truth regarding that EID issue, to the honest, full best of our abilities to accurately state the often contradictory knowledge we have uncovered.

By sharing what FixEID has learned with you and other interested EID ratepayers, our collective voice can influence EID’s Board and Management to take appropriate action to start telling the full truth, and to slash its historically rampant excessive spending, debt raising and rate increasing.  Together, and with a collective voice, our mission is to stop EID’s runaway spending, debt raising and rate increasing … to honestly, transparently, and financially “FixEID”.