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Audio Recordings

EID dismissed FixEID’s request to post Board meeting audios on EID’s website stating "…the District does not plan on posting audio recordings of Board meetings on our website… we do not feel that it would be a wise use of resources. Click Here to read the details.

FixEID believes good government requires unfettered transparency. For those wishing to listen to how EID really conducts its business, here are EID’s Board meeting audios:


Selected recording extracts...

Board majority demonstrates contempt of ratepayers and raises employee pay… listen to the discussion highlights (and lowlights)…
(16 minutes) Click Here 

New Director told to (blindly) trust management…
(0.5 minutes) Click Here 


Full Board meeting recordings... (30 to 150 minutes long)

2013 2012  
August 26 December 10  
August 12 November 13  
July 22 October 22
June 24* October 9  
June 10 September 10  
May 28    
May 13    
April 22    
April 8    
March 25    
March 11    
February 25    
February 11    
January 28    
January 14    
*2 min blank at start